July, 2020 – America! Will We Always Be Great?

July, 2020 – America! Will We Always Be Great?

I read this information recently from one, Sir John Glubb, (1897-1986) the British diplomat who studied four-thousand years of human history and who found that there was a pattern to the decline of great nations.  He said that the last stage before collapse is decadence (national massive debt, uncontrolled immigration without assimilation, a loss of a shared moral sense, a rejection of God, and an ‘anything goes’ mentality.  Cal Thomas says that ‘it seems as if America is on a pattern similar to past great empires, and if we don’t turn it around, there is no guarantee that we won’t suffer the same fate as theirs’.

I love America.  With all that I have seen in other parts of the world, I am so thankful that my Creator placed me where He did.  It could have been anywhere on this planet, but He chose this very blessed country,  America, for me.  I have come to realize that I am so much happier being of service (helping others) than I am being served (receiving help).  I could have been one of those that I help who seek the basic necessities of life – food, shelter and clothing.  I could have been sitting in the dirt in Uganda begging for food for my children.  I could have been in Romania not eating at times for days, freezing to death, literally.

I want GOD’s best for America.  A decline is not inevitable.  It’s called ‘revival’.  One definition of revival is ‘an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again’ (a comeback/re-establishment/reintroduction).  It is something that was once alive and, now, needs to be revived.  That means that revival needs to happen to those who call themselves followers of Christ.  It can’t come from the ‘world’.  I pray for the Lord to wake up those who say they are followers of Christ – to be re-newed in the power of the Spirit.  This country experienced The Great Awakening in 1734 – The Second Great Awakening in 1800 – and the Great Revival in 1875 (among others).  We can pray for this to be manifested in America once again.  We need to pray for it.

(The above material/unfinished article was written in Romania in February, 2020 – thinking ahead to July, 2020 and the Fourth of July.  At the time, little did I know how much of a decline America was headed for and how quickly.  With the pandemic, COVID19, and then great racial tension in the U.S., one could not have imagined the decline of our ‘far from perfect’, but what our great nation would be thrust into – with the greatest sadness coming from those in our country turning on America.  To avoid political rhetoric, I will repeat in this last paragraph of the post, we need revival – another Great Awakening.  God judges a nation by their righteousness!)

‘Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.’  – Proverbs 14.34