Canaan, Church in Village of Halchiu, Romania.

IMG_6028It has been a privilege to know Ovidiu and Carmen Stalici and their three children since 2003.   Ovi is young pastor to a church of predominantly Roma (Gypsies) in the village of Halchiu.  Over the years, the church has grown and in 2013, they had to move out of the rented ‘bar’ they were in for years and into a bigger ‘bar’.  (Both of these bars were vacated at the time.)
The church has grown exponentially in the past few years leading to the belief that it was time for them to have their own church – a ‘real’ church!   In 2011, a piece of land was given to them and work began.  Funds for the work has proceeded incrementally.  First clearing the land, then the foundation, setting the re-bars, putting the walls up and then the frame for the roof.  Love From Above has asked the ministry’s supporters with help for each of these steps with the latest being the winter of 2014-2015 – ‘Let’s Raise the Roof’- project.  Through loving and generous giving, the roof should be completed in the Fall of 2015.

IMG_6029A letter asking for help with the windows and doors was sent out September, 2015.  Our prayer is that the windows and doors will be provided for and will be put in place as soon as the roof is completed.  The church is being built by professional builders, but if the windows and doors are set in, then the men of the church can be working inside finishing and painting during the winter.  That means that the folks would be able to move into the new building in the Spring of 2016!

Of course after that, heating and plumbing needs to be provided.  If you would like to help get this church built for these precious Roma-believers, please contact me at  lvfrmabv@yahoo.com     These peasant workers live much like in the early 1900’s, and all they would like is a place to worship the King!




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