June, 2023 – ‘Tis the Season! – for Weddings

June, 2023 – ‘Tis the Season! – for Weddings

‘They’ say nowadays that there are almost as many weddings in the month of October as there are in June.  However, I think that in most of our minds, we still think of June as being the ‘wedding-month’.  The thing about weddings is that it really doesn’t make much difference when a ceremony takes place, or the style of the wedding, the couple is still married.  My oldest son and his beautiful bride, married in the month of May had a very small ceremony, but it was unique that in the 1700’s, the church had been attended by George Washington!

My second son and his wife had a much larger wedding held in the month of November.  Her dress was beyond beautiful, and the ceremony was enhanced by all the glorious Fall colors.  My youngest son and his wife had a ceremony that was very moving.  An atheistic couple and a Jewish friend told me that they had never seen a more meaningful ceremony – and that in spite of 200 guests, it still managed to be so intimate.  Now, I was never a hippie! – but still was influenced a bit by the culture of the 70’s.  I wore a Greek style robe with a yellow satin ‘rope’ around the waist and, of course, flowers in my hair.  The very yellow invitations made it clear that the wedding was on SUNday.  Then, what was I thinking?!  I came down the aisle to my groom to the Beatle’s “Here Comes the Sun”.  Oh, my!  I have to tell you that the piece sounded gloriously majestic played on a magnificent pipe organ by the best classical organist in New England!  So – though each wedding was very different – we were all married!

When I worked with missionaries in Trinidad and Tobago between college years, I was asked to sing at a wedding.  The ceremony was held outdoors in the intense heat – and the very young West Indian bride (who looked so unhappy) and her West Indian husband just sat for hours on end enduring the many accolades from family members and friends.  However, despite the very long and boring day, they were married.

Couples get married in churches – in parks – on beaches – at malls – on bridges – at destination weddings – in back yards . . .   I love it that we have all these options – and more.  But there is one wedding in particular that intrigues me more than any other.  Or rather, not the wedding, but Who attended the wedding.  ‘There was a wedding in Cana of Galilee, and the mother of Jesus was there; and both Jesus and His disciples were invited to the wedding.’  (from John 2:1,2)  As I was reading this passage several years ago, it was as if I were transported to that ceremony in my mind.

I could see myself pushing my way through some people, tiptoeing into the small house made of bricks that had been smoothed over on the interior with dried mud.  There were no ‘edges’ in the casa – the walls were rounded.   The ceilings were low.  Not having been invited (hey! – I was from the 21st century peeking in on a first century scenario), I peered from around a wall to see what this wedding actually looked like.  And oddly enough, I didn’t see the bride.  I didn’t see the groom.  I wasn’t aware of musicians or music.  I could only see that there were many guests seated and even from behind, my attention was drawn to just one Guest.  Jesus!  Jesus was at this wedding!  I was amazed!  He was seated about four ‘rows’ from the front of the room drawing absolutely no attention.  He was just another guest.  Jesus went to weddings?!  Had He grown up with the bride or the groom?  Was one of them a relative of His?  We know that His mother was there. Had the groom been in ministry with Him?  We know His followers were there.  Regardless, I was in awe! – to see Jesus at a wedding, and to be in the same room (almost) as He.  I simply gazed at Him.  I couldn’t take my eyes off Him!  It was JESUS!!

Well, I don’t ‘see’ things!  But in reading the first couple of verses in John 2, I truly had a vision – in my mind.  It was so real – or at least I wished it had been.  It served another purpose for me, also.  There have been many songs and poems written about what it will be like when we first see Jesus face to face.  Some are lovely.  Some are not – for me, especially the song that says, ‘I will dance for Jesus’.  I know that Heaven will be a place of peace and joy and also of productivity, but I think my first encounter with my Savior will be like the one in my ‘vision’.  I will simply gaze at Him – for a very long time.  I will not be able to take my eyes off Him!!

“One thing have I asked of the Lord, that will I seek after, that I may . . .   gaze upon the beauty of the Lord . . .   – Psalm 27.4