March, 2016

March, 2016

What a joy to be writing this update from the ‘other land that I love ‘!  I thank God for an uneventful trip here, for Ovi’s promptness in picking me up at the airport on February 10, and for Ovi’s having checked out my apartment before arriving to make sure everything was working properly.  I’m also grateful that for the first time ever, I had little to no side-effects from jet-lag!

A week after arriving, I developed bronchitis and sinus infection.  But, there are wonderful things to report, regardless.  I’ve been able to spend time with my babies at Albina.  Some of these precious ones remain the same (in a nearly vegetative-state), three or four have been moved elsewhere, and some have worsened.  There is still no news on three year-old Karol who needs a heart operation.  I was told that he still had a cold and can’t be operated on until he has fully recovered.   It is a joy, though, for LFA to make provisions to help ease these Severe/Profound little ones – and an even bigger joy to hold and love them with the love of Jesus.

My first day back at Barza Mica was insanely and joyfully crazy!  The kids – and I – were just beside ourselves.  They kept hugging and hugging, having to touch my hands or arms and crying, “Mama Dawn, Mama Dawn”.   There is so much to say about the kids and the goodies we’ve eaten and the many games of Jenga we’ve played and the stories of Jesus we’ve told – but there is very grave news about B. Mica.

I had a 40 minute meeting with the director, D-na Alina on my first day back with her telling me about the State’s wanting to get rid of B. Mica – and absolutely not caring a bit about the kids and where they would go.  Their motive is to sell the building to greedily put the money in their pockets.  The State has made unreasonable demands on the orphanage and the workers thinking that it will push them out.  D-na Alina is a fighter.  She found someone to put in all new bathrooms in the orphanage, and then, this is where we come in.  The State said the building would need all new interior doors.  Because of the loving and generous giving from LFA supporters, we are able to do that!   Also, you have provided enough that we will be able to get some interior painting done.  I thank God for each and every one of you!!   THANK you!!  Of course, I will continue to update you on this situation.  PLEASE pray over our kids at Barza Mica!

What a joy, too, to visit the new church, Canaan, being built in Halchiu for our Gypsy sisters and brothers in Christ!  The doors and windows have all been installed.  They are beautiful!  (See pics under ‘Projects’ and click on Halchiu.)  We have prayed for so long for this church to become a reality – for the worshipers to be able to get out of the ‘bar’ they have to rent for services.  I am beyond grateful to our Lord for bringing us this far.

The electrical work has just been paid for, and will be installed very soon.  The next step is installing the plumbing.  If you would like to be a part of getting Canaan built and being a proper House of Worship for our Sisters and Brothers, would you please consider asking the Lord what you could do?   Checks can be made out to Love From Above Ministries (address is at the bottom of the page) with a notation in the ‘memo’ area stating ‘Canaan’.  Thank you!!  With God’s help, we will have a place of worship and testimony in the village of Halchiu, Romania!