March, 2021 – Time to Pause

March, 2021 – Time to Pause

One September many years ago, my boys and I were running a little late to get to our Christian School on time.  After going to the car, it came to me that I had forgotten a book that I would need that day.  I rushed up the back steps, burst through the door — and on my way through the kitchen to get where the book was, there was my beautiful dog, Kasey (the Keeshound) right plum in my way.  He sensed that he needed to get out of the way STAT, didn’t know kind of which way to go – and neither did I – so I ended up tripping over him and coming down right on the end of the toes on my right foot!

Such pain!  But, I needed to get going to make sure my boys were in school on time, and that I was in my classroom ready to teach.  I learned later that I had broken my big toe, the next one to it, and had sprained two more.  Then I learned that there was really nothing that could be done to help me except keep the toes ‘taped’ – and find a comfortable shoe for that foot.  The comfortable ‘shoe’ ended up being sporty, open-toed sandals – which I wore into November!  It took that long to heal my toes and be able to wear ‘normal’ shoes appropriate for the weather.

I said all that to say this — when one breaks a bone, absolutely everyone knows and understands that it takes time to heal – six to eight weeks.  I have never heard anyone, yet, say, “Oh, just trust the Lord.  He will heal you right up – heal the break and the pain from it”.  Nope, not even once!  However, when one experiences – for whatever reason – emotional pain, ‘Job’s friends’ seem to always be right there for you praying for immediate healing, for you to ‘just turn it over to the Lorrrrd’, and more than likely when that doesn’t happen are thinking, if not telling you, that you have back-slidden and need to get into the Word, etc.  (My blood pressure is rising just writing those words!)  One who knows how difficult ‘real life’ can be understands that as it takes time for an emotional scar to heal as it does for a physical scar (weeks and weeks for my broken toes).  Somehow, that doesn’t register with a superficial Christian.

So, it’s been time to pause.  A couple of days ago, I set aside the intended writing for this month -because – I have been emotionally scarred in the past few weeks.  I have not, yet, had enough time to heal to find the energy or strength to continue on with the article that I had started.  I am healing.  All praise to my Jehovah-Rapha!  As I have flooded myself in the healing and cleansing power of the Word, He has held me, gently, – soothed my very hurting spirit – has unconditionally loved me – and has ‘sent’ a couple of pastors to minister to my troubled heart.  Thus, this writing for ‘Sharing’ instead of the originally intended one.

Rather than copy and paste Scriptures, galore, with which Jesus has been and still is soothing me, I’m going to post below a couple of sites where you can go if ‘you don’t think you can ‘make it’’.  And that is exactly what I typed in the address line — ‘Scripture for when I can’t ‘make it’’.  For those of you who need this – or, will need it at some point in your life, I trust that it will help you as it has been helping me. (When you go to either of the sites below, it will show a plethora of other Scripture sites for you to visit, too.)