November, 2023 – An Open Letter to a Scientist Friend

November, 2023 – An Open Letter to a Scientist Friend

As a scientist, John, I know that you know infinitely more than I ever will (or could) about science and God ‘matching up’.  I’ll never forget the message you gave at our church years ago in doing exactly that.  I hardly understood a word you said (scientifically), so it might come as a surprise to you that one of my ‘go-to’ – to listen to be ‘fed’ first thing in the morning is John Lennox.  AND, I hardly understand anything (mathematically/scientifically) that he says. I know you do so much more – but, I love this man, his heart for the Lord, his proving how science doesn’t cancel God – how it enhances our God.

This morning I watched Lennox being interviewed by Eric Metaxas and he affirmed that (I think this is the way it went) 90% of the Nobel Prize winners have had a firm belief in God – and that most well-known scientists believe in God through their relationship with Jesus Christ.  One of the scientists whom I had never heard of (of course) was James Tour.  I googled him and found that Tour became a Messianic Jew in the late ‘70’s in his first year at Syracuse Univ.!  I never had even heard what he is known for — Molecular electronics, Nanotechnology, graphene production techniques, carbon nanotube chemistry, nanocar, NanoPutian . . .  WHAT??!!

I have to wonder what it would be like to try and have an ‘ordinary’ conversation with a scientist, physicist, mathematician, etc.  The closest I ever came to that was with my older brother.  He was an electrical engineer.  He started as one of 38 in that major at the U. of Maine many years ago, and was one of 7 who actually graduated in the field.  We never did chit-chat.  Our conversation was always on a different level – very heady (on his part, anyway).  :))  He was so left-brained – and I was/am so right brained (the arts). But guess what?  He LOVED the Lord Jesus!  His ‘go-to’ person to be fed spiritually was David Jeremiah.

The media only ever wants to post the few scientists who loudly proclaim ‘there is no God’.   I loved our Messianic Jewish Worship Leader at your and my church several years ago. When his first daughter went off to a university in western MA, one of her professors said that ‘anyone who believed in Jesus would have to be an idiot’!  (This being typically what many college professors feel like they are led to do — destroy any faith-based system their students may have.  It seems as if their content area to be taught is secondary.)   I forget our Worship Leader’s daughter’s name, but she raised her hand and calmly but emphatically said to the professor, “I believe in Jesus – and I am NOT an idiot”.   What a brave young woman.

I don’t know what got me started on all of this, my friend – but I guess I just thought of you and other scientists who could appreciate the ones I have mentioned.  I can glean from it what I can – but I know bonafide scientists like you can so much more.  I am so grateful that we live in a world that is not what the media proclaims – but rather that Jesus is alive and well – and that His Word endures forever!

And, when at this season our country turns our hearts and minds to ‘thankfulness’, it is not only at Thanksgiving time, but year ‘round, that I thank and praise our Most High and Holy One for the gift of His only Son, Jesus Christ Who shed His blood for us at Calvary.  Thank you for so much every day for all that You have bestowed on my life, Lord, but thank you most of all for Jesus!!

“Who created the heavens and stretched them out, Who spread out the earth and its offspring, Who gives breath to the people on it, and spirit to those who walk in it.  – Isaiah 42.5