September, 2018

September, 2018

“For the needy will not always be forgotten, nor the hope of the afflicted perish forever.”  – Psalm 9.18

In spite of a month-long sinus infection, and on-going problems with the Romanian government, there was much to rejoice over, and give the Lord ‘thanks with all my heart’ for in the month of August!  Once again, it was great joy for LFA to be able to give Pastor Ovi his financial support.  Please – if any of you who are not already giving a monthly support for Ovi and his family, it would be deeply appreciated . . . !

I missed nearly two weeks with our kids at Barza Mica.  They were moved to a different facility for ‘camp’.  However, since then we have had a wonderful time with Amalia, Gabi, Alexandra, Alex, Coco, and all the others.  They have loved playing ‘horseshoes’, playing with Frisbees, and many other outdoor games.  For the girls, we had ‘Mama Dawn Salon Day’.  They always love that – getting their hair done, nails painted, and a little lip color.  On a couple of rainy days, we did crafts inside the orphanage including painting sun-catchers and hanging them in the entry way, playing Jenga and other games – and always having our Bible story and home-made goodies!  We also had a wonderful day ‘out’.  We took nine of our ‘kids’ to the park near where I live, walked around the pond, watched some guys on the zip-line, ate mini pizzas, played a couple of outdoor games, and ended up at McDonald’s.  What a great day!

So many of our little ones at Albina are in and out of either the hospital or hospice (a place where they get ‘revived’ a bit). But, we have loved feeding, holding, singing to, and praying over these precious little souls.  Occasionally, a few of them get to go outside in the beautiful sunshine in strollers.  Corina and I were called upon to do something out of the usual.  Upon noticing many sp_d_rs up in the corners of the babies/kids rooms, we went on Sp_d_r Control one day and got rid of every one of them.  Corina and I should have had shirts with WW on them.  Hers would have stood for Wonder Woman.  Mine would have been for Wimpy Woman!  I know those ‘creatures’ come down and bite the helpless babies, and even though I wasn’t much of a help in getting rid of them, they had to be eliminated!

On a more positive note for Albina, LFA was able to buy many baby bottles for the orphanage and their meds, hand out the scrub tops that were donated from ladies in the States, and give wonderful pads to put under the babies’ heads that a lady in MA makes.  I feel that more than ever, I am being able to make a connection with the workers.  One of them said that I didn’t need to bring them anything – that it is enough that I just take the time to stop and talk with them (in other words, treat them, too, like human beings).

Robert, Alina, and their children, Sara and Luca, and I did our annual trip to Bahnea for Robert and me to minister to the Gypsy children. What a wonderful day we had – playing games, having our Bible story, passing out the dresses that my friend, Jean (and her friends from NY) hand make to some very blessed little girls, had snacks, got toys, and more . . .  – leaving plenty of toys for Christmas.  There were 54 children present, and once again, I made it very plain how they could know Jesus as their personal Savior and spend eternity in Heaven.

In spite of the constant threat of the government to close down Barza which weighs heavily on me, there have been some fun and light-hearted moments.  Celebrating Robert’s birthday with many friends at the place where they are staying in Teliu was wonderful.  Next was Lorena’s birthday (Ovi and Carmen’s daughter).  Her birthday is actually on my birthday!  There were twenty, or so, of us celebrating at a new little Korean restaurant close by where I live.  And, then on my birthday, Corina had her whole family (my Romanian family) and me to her an Mitza’s home.  We sat at tables outside on the grass, had more delicious Romanian food than you can imagine (including two cakes!) and precious fellowship!  Can you imagine when the Lord collects all those who have loved, followed and served Him over the years all together.  I thought this birthday celebratory feast was great – can you imagine the Marriage Feast of the Lamb?!!

“I will give thanks to You, LORD, with all my heart; I will tell of all Your wonderful deeds.”  – Psalm 9.1

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