February, 2016 – Valentine cards

February, 2016 – Valentine cards

My face still gets red when I think as a 7 year-old child, I signed all my Valentine cards ‘form’ Dawn.  Everyone had a good laugh, but I did not see the humor.  Nonetheless, it did not spoil Valentine’s Day for me in ensuing years.  And at each age period, the day took on different meanings for me.

As an adult, and as my walk with Christ grew, I became more impressed with examples of those in the Scriptures who demonstrated exemplary love.  Luke 7:37, 38 – ‘a woman in the city .  .  .  brought an alabaster box of ointment and washed His feet with her tears’.  What great love!  Just picture that scene for a moment.   And I think of Boaz, the Good Samaritan, Martha, and Mary Magdalene and the great love each of them displayed.  But there was no greater love (John 15:13) than the love Jesus carried to Calvary for us; laying down His life and offering us eternal life, instead, in all the splendor and glory of Heaven.

The older I got, the more God’s love for us penetrated my heart!   Often on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day, I would put together a medley of ‘love songs’ to sing to the Savior.  One of my favorites was “Oh, How I Love Jesus/Oh, How He Loves You and Me/I Love You, Lord”.   And I just loved it when our congregation came to expect a time on that holiday for us to express our love to the Lord, and would sing along with me.

I’m probably not going to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, Jesus”, J  – but, I say it to you.  And as you give out your Valentine greetings, maybe just tell Him that you especially love Him, too.  And then on February 14, it is always a good milestone for me to check on that day and see if I love the Savior more than I did the year before.