December, 2016

December, 2016

November was a busy, productive and wonderful month for the ministry.  I wish I had more information to give you concerning the status of Barza Mica (orphanage for ‘my’ big ‘kids’), but the Romanian Government inspection won’t happen until this month.  As I promised, I asked Ioana to call the director, D-na Alina mid-November to see if LFA could be of help.  The answer was, ‘Yes, please!’   To pass inspection, the government also insisted that each orphan was to have a new pair of shoes.  Thanks to all of you, praise God, LFA could send the money for that.  I also got in touch with D-na the end of November to see if there were any other needs.  This time, she said that about everything on the government’s ‘must-list’ was being completed.  As unlovingly as they are treated, PLEASE pray that ‘my’ kids will be able to continue on at Barza.  As you can imagine, they are their own ‘family’.

Also, money was sent for the OTC meds at Albina (orphanage for ‘my’ babies).  Pray with me that even in their Severe/Profound condition that they will be able to keep from the many communicable diseases.

It is too much to write here in detail, but Canaan (our church in the village of Halchiu) is really coming along.  Piping is being added to the second story where there is a bathroom and a kitchen.  Finishing work is coming along, and many other details are being attended to.  We don’t know God’s mind, but humanly speaking, it is 95% sure that we will be in the church by the end of December.  I can hardly wait for the day when I can make that announcement to you.  Because of God’s goodness through you, a church has been built for God’s glory – for His people!    THANK you – more than you can know!!

Lastly, on November 6, I was invited to speak at the First Romanian Baptist Church of Atlanta (which actually is in Lawrenceville).  There are four large Romanian-speaking churches in that town.  I had visited FRBC several times over the past few years while visiting my sons’ families in GA and had absolutely basked in the joy of hearing the language, singing hymns and worship songs in the language, and just worshipping with my Romanian sisters and brothers in Christ.  But to speak there?  I felt as if I ‘had arrived’.  :)    Since most would understand me, in English, I shared a bit of LFA’s work in their mother-land, told them how much I loved Romania and her people, and ended showing LFA’s 15th Anniversary DVD.  They absolutely loved the ministry, and have given me an open-ended invitation to come back.

I praise God for how He has used us this past month – to be His hands and feet, eyes and heart.  Thank you for making this ministry – through our Jesus – possible!

‘Because of the tender mercy of our God, . . .   the Sunrise from on high shall visit us, to shine upon those who sit in darkness and the shadow of death, to guide our feet into the way of peace.’    – Luke 1.78,79