November, 2016

November, 2016

The ministry is always moving forward.  The Lord’s hand was at work in October in wonderful ways.

Because of your generous giving, we were able to buy enough underwear for all the ‘kids’ at Barza Mica.  Rhonda and I went shopping for this government-required clothing when I returned to the States.  They were sent through the USPS for them to arrive at the orphanage before the government inspection.

Also, Patti and I went ‘sweats’ and sweatshirt shopping getting enough for each ‘kid’.  Those are on the way to Romania right now.   In all, twenty-six boxes were shipped to Romania in October.  Besides the several boxes to Barza, the others went to Halchiu and Bahnea.

I found out that the all-critical government inspection of Barza Mica is not going to be this month at all, but December 3.  Please put that date on your calendar and please be praying that everything will get accomplished that needs to be done.  I have contacted the director, D-na Alina to see if there is any other way LFA can be of help.  She said that for now, they are okay.  I will call her again mid-November.

Young pastor, Ovi was told by the owner of the bar where we have been worshiping for the past many years, that he and his people need to be out of the bar by the end of December.  The owner needs to sell it.   Please pray that enough work will be accomplished on the new building, Canaan, by that time so we can just move there.  PLEASE pray to that end!  Work is moving along.  Praise the Lord!  All the piping is in, electrical work has been completed, painting has been done, and more.  The two bathrooms on the first floor still need to be completed, plus other work.  I will keep you updated!

I was blessed to speak to two youth groups at Faith Alliance Church in Attleboro in October.   Not just for what they do for Love From Above Ministries, but these kids and their leaders are THE best in the world.  I love their hearts, their spirit and their desire to know Christ more, and serve Him better.  And as always, THANK you for making this ministry possible – for meeting the needs of these precious helpless ones, ‘the least of these’.   THANK you!!!

“But You, God, see the trouble of the afflicted; You consider their grief and take it in hand.  The victims commit themselves to You; You are the helper of the fatherless.”      Psalm 10.14