October, 2016

God has been so good to His ministry (Love From Above) in the past month – and has kept us so busy.  I arrived back in the States September 21 with my head just a-buzzing with what-all went on in September.  Because of your compassion for ‘the helpless’, ‘the least of these’, the Lord used us to –

Provide clothing and OTC meds for our babies at Albina. Just to let you know, too, that precious little Gabriel who had suffered every day of his eight year-life, was the size of a one year-old, was blind and struggled so just to breathe went Home to be with the Lord.  I had prayed all six years I knew him, that his angels would come for him.  They did!  As much as we loved ministering to Gabriel, we rejoice that he is running and jumping on streets of gold – and worshiping the One we told him over and over loved him more than anyone here on earth could.

Be more of a help to the workers at Albina this summer even taking one little boy to the hospital. We visited little AnaMaria again who had been moved from Albina to another orphanage.  She is just as adorable as ever – and learning more all the time.  Knows that Isus lives ‘inima mea’ (in her heart).

Once again, the government was ‘knocking’ at Barza Mica’s door with more threats to close the orphanage unless we could meet more of their needs. In order to do everything we could to help, LFA was able to fulfill a couple of those demands.  First of all, we provided towels for all 65 ‘kids’, pajamas, underwear and bathrobes.  Two days before I left the country, I had just enough lei left to get the rest of the doors needed for the orphanage to meet the State’s demands.  Please pray for D-na Alina, the director.  She is a compassionate woman, and one with a lot of wisdom.  But, she is under more stress than any one person should be with all the falderal from the government.

LFA was able to buy all the veggies again for the kids (and the workers) at Barza MIca for all winter. It has been such a privilege to come along-side D-na Alina in partnering to take care of these precious ‘kids’, most of whom I have known for 16 years.

It was joy, joy, JOY to witness my beautiful Ioana’s marriage to Radu. She looked like a princess, and Radu, like a handsome prince!  Eight of our ‘kids’ from Barza Mica came to the wedding – something that was unheard of before this.  Ioana and Radu, truly, were Luke’s account of ‘The Great Supper’ (chapter 14) in this, the 21st century!  Ioana’s mother found wonderful clothes for the kids from the organization where she works, so they looked amazing, AND their behavior was as perfect as you would want it to be.  It was a once in a lifetime experience for these ‘kids’ that they will never forget!

Ovi and I spent six hours one day visiting different families from Canaan, our church in Halchiu. It was such a blessing, too, for LFA to be able to leave some ‘staples’ with each family.   Progress is coming along on the new church building.  My last Sunday in Romania, I went to see what that progress looked like.  The ceiling was up in the sanctuary, sheet rock had been put up, and more.  Ovi, the fellow who donated the land for the church and who put the ceiling and tile in, and I all stood in the sanctuary while Ovi praised God for His goodness in getting this church built.  Tears streamed down my face so humbled by God’s using us to get His place of worship built for our precious Gypsy sisters and brothers in Christ.  Look for updates on the building process next month!

Without your care, compassion and love for those in such dire need, none of the above would have taken place. THANK YOU!!

‘Whatever God has promised gets stamped with the ‘Yes’ of Jesus’!   (II Corinthians 1.20 MSG)