December, 2020

December, 2020

We are so blessed to be called to be used as Jesus’ eyes and heart, hands and feet – in good times and bad times.  COVID-19 continues to wrack and ruin the folks in Romania.  Cities are being shut down – folks go into hospitals desperately needing medical attention, but often don’t make it out alive.  Friends of mine kept the mother of the family at home dealing with the virus as best they could.  If she had been tested and gotten a positive result, she would have been forced to enter a hospital a hundred miles away, and probably not ‘made it’.

Western Union has miserable failed us in transferring funds for our ‘kids’’ meds at Barza Mica.  Worse yet, D-na Alina has contracted the corona virus.  Please pray for her to return to good and full health.  Without her, there will be no Barza.  Two of the residents at Barza have died from the virus.  They are older folks from the first floor – not the ones we have spent our time with the past twenty years.

I know you rejoice with me when I tell you that Love From Above has not missed a beat in the past eight months.  With your help, we continue to buy meds for both orphanages, monthly – buy most of the food for 74 precious souls at Barza Mica – provide food for the neediest of our folks from church (Canaan) – pay the rent for several families – keep up with monthly support for Ovi – pay the monthly taxes on Canaan – and more, more, more.   THANK you – ALL of you who ‘consider the helpless’/the least of these!

On a personal note, I was exposed to COVID-19 up close and first-hand in November and quarantined myself for over two weeks but did not come down with the virus.  Praise God from Whom ALL blessings flow!!

We are in dire need for wood for four of our widows from Canaan.  Also, since there are no Christmas boxes this year for the children, we would love to be able to get each child a small gift.  Ovi has no idea whether there will be 75 or 250 children at this time.  Approximately $10.00 is spent on each child.  If you could possibly help with these needs, I (they!) would be ever so grateful.  Please let me know at  or, at Dawn Mattera on Facebook.  THANK you!!

A most blessed Christmas to you all.  May the ‘peace’ – only as the Prince of Peace can give, quiet your hearts in this troubled time.  (Thank You, Jesus, for Your willingness to leave all splendor and glory, and to descend to earth to become one of us – and ultimately give Your life for us. Happy Birthday, Tiny Babe, Infant King – Savior!)