February, 2018

February, 2018

Love From Above has moved into the 21st century – we are now on Facebook!  Check out https://www.facebook.com/lovefromaboveministries/  for brief, but more frequent updates on the ministry.  I am excited!  Thanks to my beautiful daughter-in-‘love’, Michele, for making it all happen!

Twenty-eight boxes of warm winter clothing, shoes, toys, etc., were shipped off to Romania in January.  THANK you for all of you who so selflessly understand the neediness/desperation of the ‘least of these’ to whom the Lord has led us, and then who freely give of God’s abundance to you.

I spoke with Alina very recently and also with her husband, Robert.  He described Alina’s progress as the ‘Romanian Dance’.  We would say ‘two steps forward and one step backwards’.  Praise God that after her (own) stem-cell implant that there is progress.  Please pray that the Lord will provide the funds for an affordable and suitable place for the Tompi family.

God willing, I head back to Romania February 9.  Please pray for good weather in leaving the States – for a safe and uneventful trip and for good weather traveling from Bucharest to Brasov on the 10th.  Pray that I will see clearly what the Lord has laid out for me to get accomplished in my nearly two months there this time.  Also, please pray for my emotions.  SO many tears leaving my grandchildren behind whom I only see for a couple of months in the winter – but, such JOY looking forward to being with our kids and babies at Albina and Barza Mica.  My heart skips a beat just thinking of being with them.

I am very blessed to have Corina Popovici working with me once again.  A translator for the ministry doesn’t just translate – they enter the ministry doing  everything, hands-on, that I do – and absolutely falling in love with what God has set us about doing in ministering to the precious unwanted, abused, thrown-away babies and kids.  A translator also helps me find everything I need (unusual supplies, clothing, etc.) in the city of Brasov, and assists in huge shopping orders (or rather, I assist them).  ????

‘We never look more like Jesus than when we are serving.’  – John Eger