January, 2018

January, 2018

Talked with Alina Tompi a few days ago – and although she is still very weak after her stem cell implant, I could tell by her voice that she was stronger.  She had been out for a short walk that day and was completely exhausted, but she was able to do it!  Praise God!!

On December 20, I ‘joined’ my ‘kids’ from Barza Mica once again for their annual Christmas party. The party was held at 10:00a – but that was 3:00a, my time!  Just seeing their precious faces eclipsed any loss of sleep I incurred.   We must have blown a thousand kisses to each other – and mouthed ‘Te iubesc’ (I love you) a hundred times.  Once again, my dear friend, Alex, Skyped the party with me.  I am so grateful to him!

Love From Above has great news to share!   We have added a new and wonderful ‘arm’ to our ministry!   Pre-natal vitamins for pregnant Moms in Romania.  Last June, I spoke briefly in my church (Faith Alliance in Attleboro, MA) and then showed LFA’s 15th anniversary six-minute video.  Sitting in the congregation was a beautiful pregnant Mom, Beth Nadow who was so moved to tears by the pictures of our babies at Albina (Orphanage).  She said to her Mom, Debbie Banna that they would just have to do something!  It was after the service that Debbie came to me saying that she would be more than willing to give ‘seed money’ if LFA could start a Pre-Natal Vitamin program in Romania.  There was a lot of red tape and logistics that had to be figured out, but we did it.  The vitamins are being given to women that our young pastor, Ovidiu Starlici and his wife know personally in three villages – Halchiu, Satu Nou, and San Pietro.  Our deepest thanks to Debbie and Beth!  Just maybe now there will be a few less babies born with deformities and birth defects!  Just maybe there will be less babies showing up at ‘our’ Baby Orphanage, Albina!  I truly praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!!

Lord willing, I will be heading back to Romania in a little over a month.  As usual, I can hardly wait!  If any of you are willing to help with the costs to provide for ‘our’ babies and ‘kids’, I would be more grateful than you can imagine.  I can only do for them what we all provide together.

In this New Year, let’s ‘defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed.’  (our precious orphans in Romania) – Psalm 82.3