January, 2022 – Lord, Please Give Me Impatience!

January, 2022 – Lord, Please Give Me Impatience!

I had read every bit of information that had been given me and had diligently listened to several medical assistants explain to me the recovery process of an arthroscopic procedure I would need.  I knew that there would be at least a six-week healing process involved including physical therapy twice a week.  I knew all of that.  My brain had processed the information well.  BUT, here I was four days into my post-op, and was frustrated that I still had pain – that my knee was stiff – that I didn’t know if I could completely depend on my knee to not buckle under me.

I was beyond frustrated!  – beyond impatient at the level of my recovery (or lack of recovery)! – in only four days!!  What was I thinking?   All the professional information that I had been given clearly stated six weeks.  Yet, it just seemed impossible that I wasn’t healed – ‘ready to go’ – in just four days!

I began to think of my ridiculous and unreasonable state of impatience.  Why was I so bothered by something that I knew would take time to restore, yet not bothered by the things I really should be impatient about?  God gave me a ‘thinking re-set’.  Why am I not impatient about getting to the Word every morning – not being able to get into God’s Word early enough for a long enough time?   Why am I not impatient concerning  being on the watch for where I could best help others?

Why am I not impatient with myself in getting to Scripture memorization — to writing notes of encouragement to those in a difficult place in their lives — to giving verbal encouragement – to being kinder and more long-suffering with others – to wanting to be more like Jesus?  (I have found out that it is a lot easier to love Jesus than it is to be like Him!)    My impatience was so misdirected in unrealistic expectations concerning the healing of my knee.  I thank God for re-directing my efforts to a place where they can be of much more value.

In 2022, please Lord Jesus, let me be impatient in the areas where there can be certain positive results.  Let me – so much so – that in all those areas where I need to improve, know that I am being ‘impatient’ in the right way and in the right areas!

A most blessed, productive and Happy New Year to you all, and perhaps, a bit more ‘impatient’ one – (with things that matter).