July, 2022 – WHAT A JOURNEY!

July, 2022 – WHAT A JOURNEY!

My life has been one of journeys.  Hasn’t everyone’s?  I’m talking about some ‘outside the box’ journeys.  When I was 19 turning 20, I spent 3 months in Trinidad/Tobago working with missionaries.  Even though it was so very long ago, I’ll never forget the experience, the people, the ministry – also, the humongous creepy-crawly things and snakes.  But I loved what I did – cried all five hours on the plane from Port of Spain back to NYC!

I raised 3 wonderful, difficult, challenging – but most of all, wonderful sons – AND took in a ‘street kid’ for a year and a half – AND took care of an Alzheimer’s mother for a period of time.  Several journey’s right there, plus doing several concerts a year in churches and other venues.

I spent a month in England in 2000 ministering to Gujarati Indians with missionary friends, and several days in E. London ministering to Muslims with missionary friends there.  I taught school in both the private and public sectors for twenty-three years (enough ‘journey’ there on which to write a book!).

But, it was twenty-two years ago this month that God gave me the assignment of a life-time.  Love From Above in Romania!  Everything I had ever done in my life previously was (unknowingly) in preparation for this ministry.  From growing up in farming area in Maine – to working with ‘special needs’ kids – to previous mission’s work – to teaching in multi-cultural schools – I could go on and on.  God had covered it all – infinite more training than I could have ever received in a school for missions.  He was preparing me.

The Lord has used me in Love From Above Ministries to be His eyes and heart, hands and feet to not only minister, hands-on, to precious unwanted, thrown-away, discarded and abused orphans, but to also provide for them.  He led LFA to support the building of a church in Halchiu, Romania – to build a house for a woman living in a field – to ship 4000 pounds of clothing, shoes and supplies a year to RO – to keeping all our orphans in food, meds (and so much more) – to ministering to people on the street – to supporting my pastor in RO, financially – to feeding 50-60 people during Covid – to caring for Ukrainian refugees – and best of all,  to sharing the Good News of our Jesus with so many (plus so much more).   What a journey!  What a journey for one who was born in the woods in Maine – for one who had absolutely no formal training for what God called me through Love From Above in Romania (I was a music major in school).

I reminisce over this journey to which the Lord called me and feel as if I am looking at someone else’s life.  Surely, He would never have called me for this.  But He did.  I have loved it.  It has been, once again, wonderful, difficult, challenging – but mostly, wonderful.  This is the journey on which I want to remain in service to the King for as long as I can.  What a privilege – and, yes, What a Journey!

I Samuel 12.24 –  “Only fear the Lord and serve Him faithfully with all your heart.  For consider what great things He has done for you.”