June, 2022 – Every Move I Make in You… Really? Every Move??

June, 2022 – Every Move I Make in You… Really? Every Move??

There are so many Worship Songs that we have been blessed by over the past several years.  But there are also some that never should have been written, and certainly never passed along to churches to be included in, especially, a morning worship service.  There is one song, in my opinion, that I wish had never existed.  It was written for children, but even at that, it so clearly doesn’t express Biblical teaching.

The words to the song begin like this:

‘Every move I make I make in You – You make me move, Jesus

Every breath I take I breathe in You

Every step I take I take in You – You are my way, Jesus’

WHAT?!  I remember a dearest friend in the world selecting this song from time to time for our morning worship service.  It just boggled my mind!  No doubt about it, Jesus does move me.  He does direct my steps.  All the time!  But do I always follow His leading?  Do I always choose to take every step in Him?   So, not!  My version of the song would have been:

‘Every move I (want to) make in You, Jesus

Every breath I take I (want to) breathe in You

Every step I (want to) take in YOU, Jesus’

To me, this version would be do-able!  I certainly don’t always move, breathe in, or take every step in Jesus!  The apostle Paul said that he had problems with this.   In Romans 7:15-19, he writes that ‘he ends up practicing the very thing he hates.  And the good he wants to do, he doesn’t do!’  Paul would so have had an issue with ‘Every Move I Make’.  If he had a problem with his move always being in Jesus – every step he took being in Jesus, then how much more, we.

There are many times God has moved me, and I’ll give just one example.  Recently,  when my pastor, Ovi, in Halchiu, Romania told me that he was going to the Romanian/Ukrainian border to take food, water, mattresses, blankets, pillows, and so much more to the Ukrainian refugees, my immediate response was, “What can I do?”  I was overjoyed that Love From Above would be able to give Ovi the funds to provide for these precious people.  Overjoyed!!  And I knew that the ministry would want to give again.  What I didn’t know was that Jesus, truly, would ‘move me’ to want to go to the border myself.  Oh, how He moved in me!!

When I expressed to Ovi my desire to head north towards the Ukrainian border, he never questioned me.  He just asked, “When do you want to go?”  But not only had God put the compelling desire in my heart to go, but the ‘why’.  I was to minister, specifically, to the women and children who had fled from their home in Ukraine.  Unless Jesus had moved in me, it hadn’t even entered my head for me to go to the border.  So you see, Jesus DOES move in me. He DOES breathe into me His thoughts for my life.  He DOES direct my steps – and He does so over and over.   And as much as I would desire for it to be every move, breath and step, it is just not.  It is a process of growing in Him to even get close to that.

“But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  To Him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.  (II Peter 3.18)