March, 2017

March, 2017

On a personal note, I was so blessed to be able to spend two months in Georgia to be with my 4 beautiful grandchildren there – Isabelle, Noah, Lily and Rowan.  It was the first time that I had felt like a real grandmother, and not just a guest or a visitor.  I love being Mammie!  It was also great getting out of the snow and bitter cold in MA.   I then, spent two weeks with my little grandsons, Liam and Jace, in Michigan.  I am blessed.

From MI I headed back to ‘the other land I love’.  THANK you for praying over my long and arduous trip with the two layovers (Detroit and Amsterdam).  I am writing this from the beautiful Transylvanian Alps and filled with more joy than you can imagine for being able to be here in Brasov one more time.

Great news since arriving!  After two years of struggling with the Romanian government, bowing to their every need for improvements to Barza Mica, the director finally got a 5-year approval for the orphanage.  Barza was in peril for the nearly two years with the constant threat of it’s being taken away, and with no plans for the placement of the ‘kids’.  I praise God for His answering above and beyond what we could have expected – even what we had asked Him for.

I love the respect that the director at Barza and I have gained for each other – based on mutual trust.  She has told all the workers that I am to do what I want at the orphanage, move what I want to, meet where I want to – has given me free reign.  I don’t need to ask anyone permission for anything.  She says that it is my home, as well.  I thank the Lord that He has grown this relationship.

In December, Maria and Andrei were moved to another orphanage.  I knew this had to be devastating for Maria, in particular.  Even though this orphanage is in infinitely better physical condition – and with structured programs, it doesn’t make up for the fact that she had to leave all that she knew as ‘family’.  When I arrived at her new placement over an hour from Brasov, the director and all the other personnel seemed to know all about me.  Maria had kept talking about ‘Mama Dawn’ – telling them that ‘I know she will find me and come visit me some day’.  Lots of tears flowed when Maria and I met and hugged for what seemed forever.  I have made a commitment to visit her every Wednesday.  She is worthy of love and caring, time and distance!

It has been a joy to be with the babies at Albina once again.  LFA is thrilled to be able to provide all the OTC meds for these precious little ones on a monthly basis – and privileged to hold and love such sick and needy little ones with Christ’s love.

No update on Canaan yet.  But I promise there will be – soon.  The ice has to melt on the dirt road and snow finally go before they can even get in there to complete the work on our new church in Halchiu.  I attended church in Halchiu this month – still in the ‘bar’, and was delighted to see even more new people – and a baby dedication.  I long to get into our new building – but in God’s timing!

Please continue to pray over Love From Above Ministries – and for me, personally.  I can’t do this without a prayer-base – without your prayer!

‘I will tell of the Lord’s unfailing love.  I will praise the Lord for all He has done.  I will rejoice in His great goodness . . . ‘   – Isaiah 63.7