April, 2017

April, 2017

Six weeks in my beloved Romania passed like a flash before my eyes.  That was a result of being extremely busy at both orphanages, Barza Mica and Albina, and also, without having even one day off.  I arrived in Brasov in February just in time to help with some dire financial needs at Barza.  Praise God for His perfect timing.  More reconstruction needed to be done on the building in order to pass inspection – and only  five days after I arrived!!  We – that’s you and I – were able to provide financially what needed to be done.  And, Barza passed inspection!  We prayed – pleaded with the Lord to give us at least a three-year approval.  We’d worked so diligently towards this for two years.  And then He surprised us, as only He can.  He gave us a five-year approval!  Praise God from Whom all blessings flow!!  Also, I have such respect for the director who never gave up the fight to keep the casa for ‘our’ kids.  She is an amazing lady!

Sadly, one of our boys, Papi passed away.  I think he had been in great pain for some time.  One of our girls, Doina is in serious condition.  She finally recognized me my last day at Barza.  I held her hand and kept telling her that Jesus loves her.  She won’t be with us for long.

There was so much joy with the kids who are able to do some crafts and games.  We played Jenga, the M&M game, Gone Fishing, Tic, Tac, Toe, Darts (with a Velcro ball), Memory, and more.  We made cards for Maria and Andrei who had been moved to another orphanage.  We had home-made goodies, chip and dip, etc.  The most favorite activity was reading ‘Benjamin’s Box’.  I found a treasure box that looked almost identical to ‘Benjamin’s’ – and as we read the story, we re-created his treasures and placed them in our box.  Amalia remembered the significance of nearly every ‘treasure’.   The story had a great effect on the ‘kids’.  There have been a couple of girls who have been at odds with each other and on my last day with them, because of reading the redemptive story in the book over the few weeks, one of the girls let go of her truly vitriolic spirit toward the other.  I was amazed at what Christ had meant to these kids through ‘Benjamin’s Box’.  I honestly didn’t realize the Lord was going to work in such a miraculous way!

There are only twelve of the ‘kids’ who can be involved at the table in the activities, but I visited all the other ‘kids’, as usual, who are mentally handicapped to every degree with hugs, lots of love, and soft goodies.  My precious little Cocolina who comes up to about my waist, and has the huge hump on her back, squeezed me the best she could with her little arms and twisted hands.  She knows I LOVE her!  – as well as all the others.

The director gave me great honor at Barza.  I was told that I could do whatever I wanted to without asking anyone, even that the workers were to do what I said.  I don’t know what-all brought that on, but the same spirit God gave me to earn that respect is the same spirit with which I will always carry on with the staff and workers.

Not so many tears on my last day with the ‘kids’.  They seemed to rest in the knowledge that I will be back.  And God willing, I will.

On Wednesdays, we traveled to Sercaia to visit with Maria and Andrei.  Andrei will always adjust wherever he is.  But for Maria the move was painful and hurtful.  She was ripped away from all that she had known for the past fourteen years or so, and from the ‘kids’ who were like sisters and brothers to her.  She thought she was moved as a punishment, but I assured her that is wasn’t.  The new orphanage has so much more for her.  It is huge, has farm animals and so much room outdoors – even has daily workshops for the kids.  She was learning to weave!  However, each visit was filled with tears.  I encouraged her each time to be thankful for what she does have.  She is doing better.

As always, it was an honor and privilege to love ‘our’ babies at Albina.  Little Stefi’s health progressively deteriorated while I was there.  This precious little one with severe opisthosomas was taken to a hospital to live out her last days.  The atmosphere at Albina is a ‘dark’ one, and one of anger.  The workers resent having to work with ‘dead dogs’ (in their estimation).  Now you can see why the Lord would call me there to ‘love’.  Love them with Christ’s love.  It will be the only kindness and caring they will ever receive this side of Eternity.   Love From Above continues to supply OTC meds to this orphanage, monthly – besides blankets, afghans, pajamas and other clothing.

Just before I left RO, I went to see the progress on Canaan, our new church in Halchiu.  The tears flowed seeing what GOD has done.  I knelt by some bags of cement and just worshipped our Father.  I know it has been a long time since we started building, but with limited funds, severe winters in RO, and workers fitting us in as side-jobs, if your eyes could see what my eyes saw, you would know that we have a God of miracles!!  Hopefully, we will be in the church this summer.

I spent an afternoon with Alina (of Robert and Alina) my last week – just the two of us.  It was a precious time of sharing hearts and prayer, especially with her entering into cancer treatment once again.  Please pray for Alina.  She knows that she is not as strong, physically, emotionally, or spiritually going into treatment for the second time.  Please pray!

Thank you, all of you who believe in what the Lord is doing in Romania through Love From Above Ministries!   Thank you for your support!  Thank you for considering ‘the helpless’/’the least of these’.

Give, and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over, will be put into your lap. For with the measure you use it will be measured back to you.”      Luke 6.38