March, 2024 – Miracle – an “Object of Wonder”

March, 2024 – Miracle – an “Object of Wonder”

I recently listened to a Documentary, “All About Jesus”.  The film had to do with the Resurrection of Christ.  Was it true?  Was it fabricated?  Was it to promote a self-serving ideology by the Roman Government at the time?   To answer these questions, and discuss whether Jesus truly was bodily raised from the dead was being discussed in the video by Jewish, Christian, and Roman Catholic theologians, and commented on by scientists, clergy members, authors, and every-day lay people.

One scientist, Dr. Donald Yeomans of the NASA Jet Propulsion Lab and Senior Research Scientist (retired), is one of thousands of scientists who believe in   the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ.  He says, “It is possible to be a scientist and believe in the resurrection of Messiah”.  He says that science routinely deals with things that can’t be explained so, then, we can’t rule out miracles.  Science by definition is the study of nature.  John Lennox, a mathematician, bioethicist, Christian apologist, Emeritus Professor at Oxford, author (and so much more!) explains that the word ‘miracle’ comes from the Latin word ‘miraculum’ (object of wonder).

To make it perfectly clear, I believe in the supernatural, miraculous resurrection of Jesus as the fundamental basis of my faith.  But I believe there can be modern day miracles performed, too.  I know there are copious religious TV programs talking of miracles daily.  I can’t speak to those.  I can only speak to (one of) mine.  After the birth of my first baby – as if it weren’t enough to deal with a colicky infant from one who had never even held a baby before in her life, and some physical issues – I found myself in the throes of panic attacks!  No sooner had I started getting ‘back on my feet’, but I had a second baby with the same after-birth panic attacks.  I had just started rallying from that and was pregnant a third time.  This time it was not only the difficulty of the birthing process that I dreaded, but I could foresee that more than likely, I would experience the horrors of anxiety attacks after birth.  I could never have imagined what I was It was ten years of a ‘hell on earth’ – going from doctor to doctor and getting no explanation.  One even implied that I was mentally ill.  Deep inside me I sensed that my body was in the throes of a chemical imbalance since the onset of the panic/anxiety attacks occurred after the birth of my babies.   I made an appointment with one final doctor some distance away.  He was very old and wise, and had me take a 5-hour glucose tolerance test at a local hospital.  My blood-sugar level was so low that I was nearly comatose.  He gave me a diet to follow, also telling me that I needed to get physical exercise.  Had any of the other suggestions from ‘unknowledgeable’ doctors been a help to me?  No – nor did I think that this doctor knew what was going on.  I ignored his recommendations to me.

 Each time my family set out on a trip, my husband would demand that I drive even though I explained to him I couldn’t.  The dizziness was overwhelming and in a couple of miles, I would have to pull the car over and he would drive.  It’s hard for me to mention this, but through this whole 10-year time, I had neither the support of my husband or my mother.  It was just Jesus and me!  But that was part of this whole story.  It had to happen for me to experience a miracle.  Our family  was headed once again to visit my parents in Maine, but something was different.  After being told to drive, I found myself driving further and further with my husband’s asking when I wanted to pull over for him to drive.  If you have ever driven on Rt. 128 (now part of Rt. 95), you will know why it has been called, if not the most dangerous highway in America, certainly one of them.  Here I was in the middle lane! – doing fine.  And then I noticed a beat-up old car barely ‘chugging’ along to my right – prayed over whoever it was that the Lord would keep them safe – and then, my eyes went to a well-worn bumper sticker on the car saying: “A Miracle is Going to Happen to You Today”.  I have no other explanation than to say that, as odd as it seems, it truly was a message from the Lord to me from a most unlikely source.  He had given me an ‘object of wonder’!  In a couple of hours, I found myself still driving on – north through Portland (ME) and beyond . . .

God’s (the Great Physician’s) caring so deeply for me as to miraculously heal me also made me realize that it was He Who ordained physicians, and that I needed to be responsible and heed what my earthly physician had prescribed for me.  Out went the proverbial ‘white’ foods, and introduced into my lifestyle became regular physical activities.  It took me a while to get rid of the Valium that one doctor had prescribed me.  I remember the day I flushed them down the toilet.  Even though I had only carried them in the bottom of my purse (just in case an attack came on), I knew I needed to put my full trust in Christ.  And even though the prescription took away the anxiety attacks (which occurred mainly at night), I was tired of waking up with the depression the pills left me with in the morning.  This is just one of the ‘objects of wonder’ God has bestowed on my life.  And then I think ahead to the last day of this month, March 31, and how the world celebrates the greatest miracle that ever occurred!!  – the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Every day of my life, I am aware of this miracle – the greatest miracle, greatest ‘object of wonder’ ever in my life!

A most Blessed Resurrection Day to you all!

“He is not here, for He has risen, as He said.  Come, see the place where he lay.”  – Matthew 28.6