March, 2024

March, 2024

I am so grateful to have made it back to the ‘other’ land that I love once again with only minor inconveniences during the trip.  And there is never a face more welcome to see when I arrive at Otopeni than Ovi’s.  Unbeknownst to me, he had lost his license – again – and had a friend drive him to pick me up.

Could never has expected it, but sickness including the flu, bronchitis, and covid have been so serious at Barza Mica that we may not be able to get into the orphanage even for a week or two more.  I have been here many, many winters and have never experienced anything like this.  The ‘kids’ have been quarantined for about a month at this point – and not only being kept inside the casa but are quarantined in their own rooms!  Please pray with me that our Great Physician will lay His healing hand on them – and rebuild their stamina and immune system.  Of course I want them well – but, soon (please, Lord) –  I miss them so much!

Hallelujah!! – the thermal socks arrived.  For this I praise God!!  However, the situation has gotten so much worse in northern Ukraine that when they will actually get delivered (as I write this) is in question.  Our Romanian pastors cannot leave until they get the ‘okay’ from the Ukrainian pastors.  The particular cities where we have been ministering for two years are being bombed daily – night and day.  We have to wait to get word concerning safety issues for our men. PLEASE pray!! – not only that the socks will get delivered, but for the safety of our sisters and brothers in Christ who are in daily peril.

Not being able to go to Barza Mica yet (or Albina, maybe never), Corina and I meet twice a week to spend time in the Word together – and I’m finding that we are getting to ‘gel’ even more in the ministry.  Please pray for the Lord to give us same-purpose and plans to accomplish what He ‘assigned’ me to Romania in the first place.  We have met with the director of Barza Mica to give her funds for January/February meds.  As you can imagine, with all the serious illnesses at B. Mica, the meds have been really expensive!  LFA has also provided the funds for wardrobes at the orphanage (as ordered by the government). As you can Imagine, too, I have been blessed to have a couple of friends on separate occasions here to my flat for lunch.  I love doing that!

I’ve loved being back at Canaan for church on Sundays.  The beautiful church that God used LFA (YOU!) to build is packed nearly full every week.  There are several new faces, and the young people are more involved in the service – and some of our young men.  I am so proud of all of them.  My first Sunday back, Ovi and Carmen invited me to lunch after church for his Mum’s delicious sarmale – my fave!!

As you celebrate Resurrection Day on March 31, my heart and mind will be with you.  As followers of Christ, we celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Jesus every day.  And that’s a good thing.  With Romania’s celebrating Resurrection Day on May 5 when I will be back in MA, I will not be able to celebrate this most important day of the year in either place – collectively!   I’m just grateful that our Jesus said, ‘Because I live, you also will live’.  (from John 14.19b)