May, 2016 – Soli Deo Gloria

May, 2016 – Soli Deo Gloria

Everyone thinks that their dog is the ‘best’. But I, truly, had the best dog – for about 11 years. He was a beautiful smooth-haired Chow-Chow, and his name was Johann Sebastian Bachie. My boys were quite taken a-back by his name, but since they couldn’t seem to come up with anything else, Bachie, it was. I also have to say that when all their friends and the boys in the neighborhood thought that ‘Bachie’ was the ‘coolest’ name ever, it then became okay. It also took some explaining for a while when I told folks our new pet’s name. They inevitably would ask in their (our) New England accent, “Oh, is he a bach-er ?” (meaning bark-er) I would have to tell them, “No, there is no ‘r’ in his name. It actually is ‘Bachie’ – after the great composer”.

Having been a musician most of my life, I not only was familiar with composers’ music, but also their personal lives – at least, as much as was recorded. One wonderful thing I knew about J.S. Bach was that he loved the Lord, and wrote everything to the glory of God. And in spite of insurmountable personal and professional difficulties, Bach signed his cantatas ‘S.D.G’ (Soli Deo Gloria) – to the Glory of God Alone.

Because my heart’s desire is to bring God the glory from all aspects of my life, I even wanted my beautiful pet to somehow, be used to the glory of God. That may sound strange to some of you – but I know that there are others of you who ‘get it’. I believe Bachie did do that. I’m talking about him now, because ten years ago this month, was Bachie’s last days with us. There hasn’t been one day since then that I haven’t wished that I could have my fuzzy, four-footed little buddy back.

But, the take-away from this ‘Sharing’ is that every opportunity God has given us, every gift He has bestowed on us, every relationship we have is to be found as no less than it’s being Soli Deo Gloria. None of us knows how much longer we have on this planet, and although I have so much to work on, I pray for a closer walk with the Savior every day, and to glorify Him with all that He brings into my life.

“. . . whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” – I Corinthians 10.31b