May, 2016

May, 2016

Remember ‘my’ little AnaMaria who walks on her tippy toes, couldn’t speak at 3 years old, and who would run and jump into my arms every time she saw me?   And remember I wanted her to speak so badly that if she could, I wanted her first word to be ‘Isus’ (Jesus)? And she DID learn to say ‘Isus’ – and says so much more now after having been moved to a different orphanage.  Well, I just learned that she and another little girl, Andreea who was also moved from Albina are going to be adopted!  There is a Dutch family living in a village not too far from Brasov who are taking the girls home with them weekends while waiting for (copious) paperwork to go through to actually take these girls as their own.  The ‘cherry’ on the cake is – this Dutch family is Christian.  I am so very excited!   I praise God for His loving-kindness in this situation, more than you can know!  My little Ana (and Andreaa) will have a family!

Praising God for a young Romanian fellow now working in Italy, who has just donated 15 wheel chairs to Barza Mica.  I am so thankful to God for using Cipri to do something LFA never could because of the shipping costs.  Barza is so grateful to receive this need.

We are still waiting on the Lord for the rest of the funds to finish the plumbing work on Canaan (the Gypsy church) in Halchiu.  We need about $2500.00.   After that, the heating needs to be installed.  Young pastor, Ovi, tells me that will be about $5000.00.  Would you please pray with me for the Lord to ‘touch’ folks to give – as He  touched me to ‘go’?  We have SO much in this country.  Our precious Sisters and Brothers in Christ deserve to get out of the bar that has been ‘church’ for all these past years, and into a place fitting to worship the Lord.

Please pray concerning all the finances for the ministry.  After all the repairs made to Barza Mica to keep the government from closing the orphanage this past winter, and the continued provisions for monthly OTCs at Albina, plus shipping charges, LFA’s account is at an all-time low.   Just pray . . .

Lord willing, I will be headed back to ‘my’ babies and kids nearly a month earlier this summer (mid-June) in order to fit in my translator’s schedule.  That is in less than two months!  And as usual, I can hardly wait!

“Who has saved us and called us with a holy calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace which was granted us in Christ Jesus from all eternity.”    –  I Timothy 1.9