May 2024

May 2024

Because of my illness (Influenza A) for six weeks, there really isn’t a lot to put in this Update.  Sorry!  But, I can tell you of a couple of really good and exciting things.   In a week or so, we are going to make another ‘run’ to Ukraine with ‘tons’ of food and supplies.  My heart just sings that we can put Hebrews 13.3 into practice!!  For sure, I put myself in these precious ones’ places and would certainly want someone to come to me with both physical food – AND spiritual food!

Also, once again the Romanian government has threatened our big orphanage, Barza Mica with closure if the ‘kids’ rooms don’t all have wardrobes, desks, chairs, etc.  The director was blessed enough to find some furniture in a really old hotel from communist times.  With its being wood, it can all be sanded, painted/stained and refinished to meet the State’s requirements.  Since the orphanage doesn’t have enough manpower to do all that work, Ovi and some men from Canaan (our church) will deliver the furniture and then work on repairing it to get it up to standards.  God BLESS Ovi and the guys from church who are more than willing to be our Lord’s eyes and heart, hands and feet in ministering to our precious orphans – to keep them from being thrown out on the street!  I LOVE the Family of God!

Just before leaving RO, I learned of a casa that takes abandoned babies.  Even though the State is still not giving volunteers permission to be in the orphanages, I will be able to go to this one, and welcomed with open arms.  The Lord just keeps showing me one miracle after another.

It was a delight to attend Lorena and Teo’s wedding at a most beautiful venue in the mountains.  Lorena is Ovi and Carmen’s daughter.  Two-hundred or more attended the beautiful and God-honoring ceremony and reception.  I was blessed to see some folks that I hadn’t seen in years.  It reminded me of kind of what Heaven will be like – reunited with those whom you had once served and been served.

Thank you for praying for me while I have been so sick.  I missed six weeks of my life! – and am still working really hard at rebuilding some strength and stamina.  THANK you all for your prayers!!  It was really difficult, though, to be in Romania for nearly 3 months and not once having seen our ‘kids’ – or our ‘littles’.  I DO know that God is in control and has a purpose for everything.  I choose to trust Him fully!  I love Isaiah 40.29 –  “He gives strength to the weary – and increases the power of the weak.”

Though KLM had no record of my flight reservation (!!), and it was not without challenge for them or me,  they managed to get me onto two planes back to Boston (layover in Amsterdam).  I praise God for His delivering me safely on April 30!

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; His mercies never come to an end;”   –  Lamentation 3.22