June, 2024

June, 2024

May was a busy and productive one for Love From Above.  I feel so blessed to be just a part of this incredible, one-of-a-kind ministry – our Lord’s ministry – in Romania.  It is no easy task to be called to be His eyes and heart, hands and feet – especially to have the wisdom to make infinite decisions, and make sure they are His.  I have to call upon LFA’s divine CEO, CFO, CIO, COO (and all the rest) daily for His leadership and guidance.

In May, our Romanian pastors, once again, delivered ‘tons’ of foods, water, OTC meds, and supplies including mattresses to precious ones in Ukraine.  While there, they were nearly struck by a drone (bomb), and received some injury – and minor damage to our van.  However the Ukrainian pastors received significant injuries and their van was destroyed!   God began to put in my mind that ‘could we possibly be of some help to these modern-day ‘Stephens’ (Acts 6)?’  I asked my pastor at Canaan if we could give them one of our vans.  He assured me he had had the same thought, but the complications with two different countries involved, it would be impossible.

Upon asking my Romanian pastor, how much would it cost for the Ukrainians to get another van,  he inquired of our Ukrainian friends/pastors and ultimately gave me the price of  a 5 year-old van, a 10 year-old van, and a 15 year-old van.  I sent the information out via an Update on a Monday afternoon (May 27) and when I checked my email the following morning (that’s in less than 24 hours), our GOD of MIRACLES had provided the entire amount for the 10 year-old van – and from s single donator whose heart had been moved to do so!  My heart is still singing, “Our God is and awesome God – He reigns from Heaven above – With wisdom, power, and love – Our God is and awesome God”  (!!!)   I, truly, trust Him for all things, but I have to admit that my head and heart is still having to process just how very awesome He is with this need!!!   And, somehow with God’s protection, leading and guidance, we will once again make another trip to minister to our precious Sisters and Brothers in Christ in Ukraine (and others) with physical food and supplies – AND spiritual food . . . !   PLEASE pray!

About our ‘littles’ and ‘kids’ who nearly, solely depend on us for clothing, food, meds and other supplies to exist — as you already know I didn’t get to see them even once while I was in Romania (February – April) due to such illnesses on their part and on mine.  But the ministry goes on, supplying all their physical needs.  The director of Barza Mica sent me several pictures and a video of the workers giving our sweet Elena a little birthday party.  As far as I know, they are all doing as well as can be expected.

Even as Love From Above is once again doing much renovating on the orphanage, the government is harassing us with more, more, more that needs to be accomplished to the casa or they will come through with their threats to close the place.  The director and I are going to have to have serious talks concerning this.  Please pray along with me for much wisdom for both the director and me.

Lord willing, I plan to head back to the ‘other’ land that I love the first-ish of July.  I can hardly wait.  With local government elections taking place on June 9, please pray that the hearts and minds of those elected will be changed concerning foreign volunteers working in the State-run orphanages.  PLEASE pray over this!!

 “For the needy shall not always be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever.” – Psalm 9.18