November, 2015

In the three-plus weeks I have been back in the States, God has been faithfully moving in the ministry. The roof is completed on Canaan, the church in Halchiu! Praise God! And, last month I said that we had ordered the doors and windows for Canaan on faith. Well, a church that has had long-term interest in helping to build this church for the Roma/Gypsies has provided not only enough funds for the doors and windows, but also to begin work on the interior. I am absolutely rejoicing! Can you hear my heart ‘singing’?!

With my flat needing to be organized and cleaned, it wasn’t what I wanted to be doing the day before leaving Romania, but I was able to get wonderful warm boots for the kids at Barza that day. Also, the sweaters for our precious ‘kids’ at Barza Mica have arrived. THANK you to all who donated! I shipped twenty. The rest of the sweaters along with ‘tons’ of other clothing and shoes have been shipped to Barza, also the villages of Halchiu and Bahnea. They will arrive sometime between the end of December and the first of January.

An amazing Birthday/LFA 15th Anniversary Party was thrown in my honor in October. It truly was a beautiful gala with friends from as far away as New Jersey, hors d’oeuvres, dinner and fellowship, complete with decorations, displays and a video celebrating LFA’s 15 years of God’s work in Romania. Above all, it was so honoring to our Lord and all that He has done through us in the orphanages, and villages of desperation. Such special thanks to Jon Varney, Rhonda Chabot, Patti Belcher – all who helped – and all who came to the celebration! THANK you!!

If you live in the Attleboro, MA area and want to donate clothing and shoes, they can be dropped off at Faith Alliance Church between 9:00a and noon. Please contact me to see what would be appropriate sizes, etc.

“Those who seek Him will praise the Lord” – Psalm 22:26b