November, 2018

November, 2018

I praise God for a safe and uneventful trip back to the States on October 10.  How difficult to leave our precious babies and ‘kids’, though!  Please pray over these cast-off ones for their angels to be so close to them, to protect them and shelter them from the cruelty of the orphanage workers.

My translator, Corina Popovici continues to work for the ministry even in my absence from Romania in running errands for me, paying for the orphans’ meds, and whatever else the director at Barza Mica or I may need.  Please pray for Corina.  She and her husband have started a church, have two daughters, and she has started university this Fall.  That’s a lot for this young woman to handle.

The ladies in Norton/Attleboro have been really busy sorting, packing and getting boxes upon boxes of clothing ready to ship out.  Folks in Romania feel so blessed to receive such warm and wonderful clothing.  Thank you to ALL who donate here in the States!

Love From Above continues to support Pastor Ovi monthly.  Because we don’t have full support for him and his family, the rest of the support comes from the ministry.  Please pray that the Lord will draw more to help fund our many needs in Romania!

I was blessed to present the ministry to Plainville Baptist Church October 28 during the morning service.  People were greatly moved.  Pray that more Christians will seek God’s face concerning ‘getting outside the box’ – and serving such helpless ones around the world.

October 31, I picked up many, many hand-made blankets and afghans at First Baptist Church in N. Middleboro made by three ladies in that church.  They are beyond beautiful!

“A gift opens the way and ushers the giver into the presence of the great.”  – Proverbs 18.16