November, 2019 – Our God is a God of Second Chances

November, 2019 – Our God is a God of Second Chances

Several years ago, we had a very special Thanksgiving.  It was the first time that my daughter-in-law and two future daughters-in-law would all be in our home sharing a wonderful Thanksgiving feast together.  My sons were elated – each so proud to have ‘the most beautiful girl in the world’ sitting by their side.  I loved these young women but didn’t really know them.  Some thoughts that were in my head were – ‘I wonder how they will all get along’ or, ‘will one have to rise to the top/dominate, etc?’

My sons are gentlemen.  And my three beautiful daughters-in-law (two, yet to be, at the time) were more than ladies of grace and substance.  They meshed as if they had always known each other – and not only were they respectful of each other, but truly enjoyed each other’s company.

As we gathered for dinner, nothing had changed.  We never had had a holiday where we could just sit down to the table, say ‘grace’ and eat.  We made sure, first, that we took some time to tell the Lord for that which we were truly grateful.  However, that year I had each one write what they were so very thankful to our Creator for on a piece of paper which would then be folded and put into a basket of silk leaves.  So on this day, one at a time, each person at the table took a folded piece of paper out of the basket and read what the writer was thankful for, and we would all try to guess who had written that particular expression of thankfulness.  It really was not too difficult, in the least, when three of them wrote how grateful they were for the love of their life – naming them!  But then someone at the table picked up a slip of paper and read the following words, “I am so thankful for second chances”.

I knew who it was!  And along with the one who had written it I, too, was so grateful that God was a God of second chances for this precious one.  The life of the one who had written it had not always spent time wisely, and in my mind had probably not even been God-conscious for a period of time.  I am beyond grateful that for me, God has been a God of second, third, fourth and more chances.  The Scripture says, ‘His mercy is new every morning’.  (Lamentations 3:22,23)  He is a God of grace and mercy . . .

When I was ‘in voice’ and doing concerts, the program always included a most beautiful and meaningful number – “He’s Been Faithful”.  Some of the words particularly in the second verse (and chorus) described me so well –

‘When my heart looked away – the many times I could not pray – still my God was faithful to me.  I spent days so selfishly reaching out for what pleased me and even then, God was faithful to me’.  The song goes on to say that ‘every time I come back to Him, He is waiting with open arms – and I see that once again He has been faithful to me’.  The chorus ends with ‘looking back His love and mercy I see – while I questioned and even failed to believe, He’s been faithful – faithful to me’.

How thankful I am not only at this time of year – Thanksgiving – but all year ‘round, that we have a God of second chances . . . !