October, 2019 – “…considering the helpless…”

October, 2019 – “…considering the helpless…”

I don’t know how many have noticed Love From Above’s theme verse from Psalm 41.1a.  For several years, I did Gospel concerts under the name, Love From Above.  I wanted something so much greater to eclipse my name – for others to know that what I did was not about me, but about Jesus.  So, as the voice faded away, my ministry evolved to the present ministry in Romania – still called Love From Above.  As I was in the Word one day, Psalm 41.1a jumped right off the page to me, and I knew that this was the verse the Lord wanted as LFA’s theme – that this was my calling, and eventually those working with the ministry – to ‘consider the helpless’.  Actually, in any ministry, I was always called to help those who would never be able to return anything to me.  (Matthew 25.40)  It has always been done for the Kingdom – but without looking for it, our Heavenly Father’s return has been great.

It has been my delight to be Jesus’ eyes and heart, hands and feet.  He doesn’t walk on the face of this earth at this time; we need to be available to do His will.  If He came to serve and not be served, how can we do any less?  I wish all those who follow Christ could know that to be like Jesus – serve like Jesus, has not been designated to just a few in each assembly.  Sadly, that’s the way it seems to be.

As I held precious little eight month-old Maria at the orphanage, (she, certainly the epitome of helplessness), I tried my best to console her.  This precious little one born with Beckwith-Wiedemann Syndrome and then having developed a very painful intestinal virus, there was little hope of calming her.  Not ‘when did I visit You in prison’ – but, when did I visit You in the orphanage?  I felt as if I were standing in Jesus stead – that He would have held her and loved her if He were on this earth.  Or, I felt as if I were holding Jesus in this precious little lamb.  She will soon be with Him, but, oh! – it has been my privilege to be able to wrap my arms around little Maria.  I want the Church to know this kind of ‘considering the helpless’.

It doesn’t stop with Maria.  She is one of hundreds that I have had the privilege of ministering to in this – GOD’s work in Romania.  There would be Luca, Georgeta, another Maria, another Maria, Andrei, Adam, Mihai, Marius, Marian, Raluca, Maya, Florentina, Amalia, Narcisa, Alex, Iuperes, Coco, Alexandra, Mihaela, Traian, Doina, and on and on and on  – over my nineteen years in Romania.

With the help of so many others who are ‘considering the helpless’, we take care of these precious ones physically, emotionally, as best as we can, and spiritually, as much as they can understand.  For you see, all ‘my’ orphans are mentally challenged – many mentally and physically challenged.  Let alone thank us, they have no idea of what we are doing for them – providing much of their food, all their medications (both OTC and prescription), much of their clothing, renovating one of the orphanages so that the government wouldn’t take the casa away form them, and dump them who knows where.  They don’t know that we provide ‘sports’ equipment, crafts, books, outings for those who are able – and so, so much more.  They don’t know.  But, Jesus knows – for it is to Him we are ‘considering these precious helpless ones’ – it is in Him, and because of Him.

I would ask that the Church not consider that the sum total-experience in following Jesus to be that of ‘warming a pew’ on Sunday morning.  I would challenge each one who claims to be a Christian, to give all – to get nothing.  To lose your life – to finally find it in Christ!

“And He was saying to them all, “If anyone wishes to come after Me, he must deny himself, and take up his cross daily and follow Me.  For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it – but whoever loses his life for My sake, he is the one who will save it.””   – Luke 9:23,24