September, 2021

September, 2021

Our God is faithful.  But then, you know that!  He has seen me through at every turn with many challenges this past month.

With the indispensable help of Ovi, I am working on my Romanian Citizen’s Visa.  I think if I had known there was so much work to accomplish in getting it done – and so many steps, I might has decided against it.  But, now that I’m well into it, I am more excited than you can imagine.  A couple of the ‘turns’ where God has met me in this process:  The government in Bucharest has approved me for two years!  (Usually, it is only granted for one year.)  And, a couple of requirements have been waived.  I love our God of miracles!  One of the greatest benefits of having the Citizen’s Visa is that I will not be limited to only a 3-month stay in Romania – and will not be required to stay out of the country for three months before wanting to return.

August was filled with so much fun and laughter and yummy snacks outside with the ‘kids’ at Barza Mica.  We’ve had lots of different games with soft soccer-sized balls.  The ‘kids’ love ‘horse shoes’ – and competitive games.  They are a joy to be with.  LFA continues to provide these precious ones with all their meds, building repairs, clothing, games and sports equipment, and all their veggies for the next eight months (to the tune of $5200!).  This would never happen without YOU!  Thank you, more than you can know!!

We have a new baby at Albina, Stefan.  He is so precious – about a year and a half old – nearly blind/sees shadows – about the size of a 10 month-old – and is malnourished.  I love holding and feeding him.  We love all our babies.  There really are babies – lots of them at Albina – but some we have known for years are ‘babies’ in their minds.  What a joy to minister to them in prayer, singing, and just talking to them/cooing over them.

My annual day of ministry in the village of Bahnea was a Banner Day this year.  I always look forward to this day of ministering to such great Gypsy kids in Bahnea, but this year seemed to be even more special.  We had 70+ kids who were just full of energy, joy, and anticipation of our program.  We played Glove Bubble outside, but because it was so hot, continued our time together inside.  We had a great time laughing and joking together – and then my story for them this year was on ‘Jesus’ Miracles’ – and as always, making sure that they know how to have a personal relationship with Christ.  We did a lot of picture taking – every child got a small gift and a snack – and 10 very lucky little girls got the dresses that my friend, Jeannie, from college has made each year for the past 17 years, or so.  Truly, a Banner Day!!

Loved an evening at the Pirvu’s in August.  The whole family was there – food was delicious – and conversation was even better.  I absolutely love this family.  And the last Sunday in August, I had Robert and Alina at my flat for ‘Saturday Morning Breakfast’ – on late Sunday afternoon!  They were busy all day Saturday, so in order to give them a ‘typical American breakfast’, we had to do it on Sunday afternoon – pancakes, French toast, scrambled eggs and (American) bacon.

Once again, because I thought for such a long time that I might never be in ‘the other land that I love’ ever again, I still feel like pinching myself every morning when I wake up to make sure it really is true.  Romania is very much ‘home’ to me.  I thank our God, Most High for choosing me for this ministry to ‘the least of these’ – for entrusting me to be His eyes and heart, hands and feet.  And I thank you for coming along-side me to make it possible!  THANK you!!

‘Splendor and majesty are before Him; strength and joy are in His place.”  –  I Chronicles 16.27