August, 2017

August, 2017

Risking sounding like a broken record, I am thrilled to be back here in ‘the other land that I love’ once again – that the Lord has allowed me to be His hands and feet, eyes and heart among these people whom He planted in my heart seventeen years ago.  I praise God for a safe and uneventful trip all the way from 19 Berry Street in Norton, MA to Str. Frasinuilui , Nr. 1, Bl. D2, Sc. B, Ap. 6.  In Brasov, Romania.  (How’s that for an address?!)

My visiting Barza Mica and Albina Orphanages was delayed because of a ‘positive’ result on my stool test saying that I had a parasite.  I re-tested with the second time showing a ‘negative’ result.  PTL!

Of course, it was JOY to see my beloved orphans at Barza.  Even though I had only been away three months, we just hugged and kissed.  Their desire to be loved – to be with someone whom they know loves them is never-ending.  They don’t take me for granted.  Interesting.  We have played all our usual games, had Bible stories – and delicious chocolate-covered strawberry ice creams, and other delicacies.

Sadly, one of our girls, Alina, passed away suddenly and unexpectedly July 23.  It is always bitter/sweet when an orphan dies.  Alina had lived a torturous life as an orphan here on earth.  I rejoice that she is experiencing the total antithesis of what she endured in her life time – now, in the loving arms of our Jesus!

We also lost three precious ones at Albina.  Little Stefi with opisthotonus whom I knew wouldn’t be here when I returned in July.  But I didn’t realize that precious little Gulia who had the same condition would be leaving us.  Also, eighteen year-old Catalin who weighed about 45#, was on a feeding tube for a very long time and spent his days rather growling and grunting – but very much waiting for attention and a loving touch.  The other babies and young ones were about the same.  Every day of their lives, just lying and looking – banging their heads against their cribs, if able.  An existence you wouldn’t allow an animal . . .  !!     Pray for the Lord to ‘right’ these ‘wrongs’!!  Please pray for God’s intervention in the orphanages.  Unless that happens, it is going to get even worse for our precious babies and kids . . . !!

Concerning my dear friend, Alina.  Also, please pray!!  She is weaker than ever.  Going through many rounds of chemo.  Not strong enough to have the stem cells replanted in her.  Thankfully, her time and life are in the Great Physician’s – the Wonderful Counselor’s hands.

I have a new translator, Hajni Szasz.  Hajni is pronounced ‘Hoini’ – and if her last name sounds familiar to some of you, she is Tihi’s sister.  Tihi is the one who built Love From Above’s website!

Lastly, we are in our new church, Canaan!!  I – and Ovi and Carmen, and all the folks can’t stop praising our amazing God for what HE has done!!  My first Sunday back in RO this time, I had tears flowing down my face for most of the service – overwhelmed at the goodness of our God!  If you could see it, I know you would be as excited as I am – especially all of you who have supported the building of Canaan, and prayed so faithfully!!  Look for new pics on this website under ‘Projects’.  Click, then, on ‘Halchiu’.

Canaan still has needs, though!  If you feel as though you could contribute to any of the following, please donate to Love From Above Ministries  –  19 Berry St.  –  Norton, MA  02766          We need:

Exterior insulation of the building before winter (a must!)  – toilets, sinks and bathroom fixtures   –  lighting  –  eventually, other things such as putting in a lawn in the front of the church, etc.   And, some day – finishing the upstairs where there is a room for fellowship, another bathroom, and an area for a kitchen.

Thank you for being the ministry’s verse – Psalm 41.1a – in action, and ‘considering the helpless’!