July, 2023

July, 2023

– I will leave for the ‘other’ land that I love on July 10.  I can hardly wait to get back to our ‘littles’ and our ‘kids’!  I expect some changes as I return.  Little Iulian (from Albina) has been moved back ‘home’ to people who never wanted him in the first place, don’t want him now, but have been told by the State that they have to take him.  Of course with money as an incentive from the State, they will take this very disturbed little 3 year-old and Iulian will enter a world of even more abuse than he received at Albina.  Three new case have been built to place the ‘littles’ in – with ten in each casa.  Ionut is in terrible shape.  Corina cannot believe he is still alive each week she visits the orphanage.

About this time, our ‘kids’ at Barza Mica begin to spend part of their day sitting on the rock wall in the courtyard.  They watch the few planes that go overhead, and say with each one, “I wonder if this is the one that will bring Mama Dawn to us . . . ?”  I can hardly wait to see them and ‘love on them’!  We need two more case built at Barza – all before 2024 – to move ten of our ‘kids’ into each one.  The European Union demands that there be no more large orphanages!  I don’t see their point.  The ‘kids’/’littles’ will still be treated in the same horrific and demeaning manner by the workers.

We continue to supply Albina and Barza Mica with meds and food monthly, and so much more.  LFA (that’s you!) bought each ‘kid’ at Barza a brand-new outfit and new shoes in June.  For those of you who so faithfully give, THANK you!!

The pastors had a safe and productive trip to Bahmut (in Ukraine on the Russian border) in June.  They delivered $5000.00 worth of food, goods, water and supplies – AND, the Good News of our Jesus.  Some Ukrainians got word to Ovi to forget about the food, but to just come and tell them about Jesus!  This month the pastors will go to Kherson in eastern Ukraine where the Russians recently bombed a dam causing much of the city to be flooded.  PLEASE keep these men in your prayers as well as our suffering brothers and sisters in Christ in Ukraine!

Thank you, more than you will ever know, for coming along-side me to minister to such hopeless and desperate ones in ‘the other land that I love’.  Thank you for being Philippians 2.4  – “Let each of you look out not only for your own interests, but also for the interests of others.”