June, 2017

June, 2017

I am so excited to be headed back to ‘the other land that I love’, Lord willing, on July 6.  I miss my babies!   I miss my kids!   This summer will mark seventeen years in Romania – and I truly feel after all this time that I am their ‘Mama Dawn’.  In a couple of weeks, or so, when it begins to warm up, the big kids at Barza Mica sit on the little rock wall outside the orphanage and stare up into the sky looking for planes.  Every time they see one, they say, “I wonder if this is the one that is bringing ‘Mama Dawn’?  Oh, I can hardly wait to get there – and love and hug them all.  And to be able to minister to our little Severe/Profound ones at Albina!

I’m excited to spend time with Maria and Andrei who were placed in an orphanage far away in the village of Sercaia.  I pray that Maria is adjusting to this new casa!

For other news, dear Alina Tompi is not doing well with her cancer treatments.  Her husband, Robert says that her body is weak, and that she shakes.  On June 13, Alina is scheduled to have the stem cells replanted in her body.  This makes her afraid.  Please, please continue to pray over this godly woman, Robert and their children, Sara and Luca.

Work is coming along on Canaan, our new church in Halchiu.  Cleaning, painting and getting ready to place the tiles.  I am SO excited.  Please click on ‘Projects’, and then Halchiu to see the latest pics of the church.  To our Almighty God, be all the praise and honor for what HE has done!

Dear ‘Old Ana’ needs our prayer.  Do we try to repair her little hovel, look for a new place for her, or what?  Please pray, too, that her son won’t beat her any more – and will treat her with the love and dignity she deserves.

Much awaits for me as I return to RO.  And there is much to do that I don’t even know about yet.  For me, that is exciting.  But, please pray that Love From Above will have the funds to be our Jesus’ hands and feet, eyes and heart to ‘the least of these’/’the helpless’.

“and they said to Moses, “The people are bringing much more than enough for the construction work which the Lord commanded us to perform.”      – Exodus 36.5