– By the time this is read, I will, Lord willing, be back in Massachusetts.  It is always difficult for me to leave my beloved Romania – the ‘other land that I love’ – and especially ‘my’ ‘littles’ and ‘kids’!

– Because there will be no more babies at Albina, at least for some time, I’m calling the orphans there, ‘the littles’.  Some are the size of a baby – some have little more to no more intelligence than a baby, but regardless, our youngest ones there are now at least three years old.

– Some of ‘the littles’ will be moved to live with relatives (not a good situation), and the others will be moved into new case with only ten in each casa.  Some of the ‘worst of the worst’ keep hanging on.  I pray for the Lord to take them Home, but I have to trust my Sovereign God to do what He knows is best!

– The director of Albina, Corina and I went shopping in April for new draperies for the new case.  The window treatments are lovely, but for my taste – especially LFA’s ‘taste’, way too expensive.  Hmm-mm-m-m, ‘live and learn’!

– We have had a wonderful time with our ‘kids’ at Barza Mica – lovin’ on them, playing so many different games with them, doing some simple artwork, having some pretty yummy snacks including an upside-down-pineapple cake which they loved!  I’ll make that again for them!

– Our building projects continue on the grounds of Barza Mica including finishing Casa Provizii, Casa Noua, and building two new case.  With God’s help, we will get all of this done so that Barza doesn’t have to close.  Please pray to that end.

– What a wonderful Easter service we had at Canaan.  The church was full – and the most exciting part was a play and music put on by all the young people!  I’ve also enjoyed having dinner after church twice with Ovi and Carmen and their kids.  If you knew Ovi, you would love and respect him as much as I do.

– ‘Our’ trip to Ukraine, once again,  was successful in delivering food, supplies and so much more to such precious desperate ones – and successful in ‘delivering’ the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Some said to now worry about physical food for them, that they were just hungry to learn more about the Word!  PLEASE don’t forget the Ukrainians!

“To Him Who sits on the Throne, and to the Lamb, be blessing and honor and glory and dominion forever and ever”!  – Revelation 5.13b