November, 2021 – The ‘Administration of God’ Given to Me

November, 2021 – The ‘Administration of God’ Given to Me

The Apostle Paul says in Ephesians 3.2 –  “If indeed you have heard of the administration of God’s grace which was given to me for you;”    And on such a small, small level, I believe the administration of God’s grace was given to me for the ‘helpless and the hopeless’ – ‘the least of these’ in Romania for the past twenty-one years.

It has been said to me before – and again, most recently, by a dear friend that I should write a book on my calling/work/experience in that ‘other land that I love’.  I agree.  There have been thousands of journeys in ministries since the beginning of time – some infinitely more interesting, productive, or fulfilling than Love From Above, but there has never been a story quite like my ‘journey in Romania’.

My answer to my friend was that in order to write a book, I would have to sequester myself a couple of years to do so.  There would need to be research done to substantiate all that I said along with gathering and making sense out of all my journals and other materials – and, then ultimately, would I want to be away from ‘my’ babies and ‘kids’ at Albina and Barza Mica (orphanages) just to write a book.  No!  I know that a book of my tales would be most interesting and sell well – but I also know that the book would be replaced on a bookstore shelf in a year – sent to the ‘bargain table’ – and in another year be deemed outdated and no one would be reading it.  Thus, I choose to stay close with, provide for – and hug and love-on the precious ones that were given to me by the ‘administration of God’s grace’.

At this Thanksgiving season, I have no words to express to our Almighty God that somehow, He saw fit to call me to my life in Romania – to be His eyes and heart, hands and feet.  It is a JOY beyond what I can put into words.   Secondly, I am so thankful for ALL whom He has gathered to come along-side Love From Above to minister to such poverty-stricken and abused ones.  I could never be able to express the gratitude in my heart for all of those both here in America and in Romania.

And Lord Jesus, not only at Thanksgiving-time, but every day, every minute of my life, I am beyond thankful for all eternity that You shed Your blood at Calvary for me.  Me!  Most humbly and gratefully, thank You, my Jesus . . .