September, 2019

September, 2019

August!  Such a hot month in Romania!  Day after day after day in the high 90’s.  Activities had to be planned around the intense heat especially for our ‘kids’ at Barza Mica.  We have a sweet new girl at Barza, Cristiana.  She is 19, mentally and emotionally challenged, but ever so sweet!  Because she has spent some time in school, she really prides herself in being able to speak some short American phrases – especially ‘I ‘lov’ you, Mama Dawn’.

We bought new outfits for all our kids at Barza.  The government demands they have a brand-new set of clothing.  We have had so much fun playing ‘sports’ to the best of our abilities outside – horseshoes, many games with balls, ‘tennis’, – and lots of singing and stories about our Jesus.  Most fun of all was a trip to Centrul/Olde Brasov.  We window-shopped, walked around the piata – to KFC for lunch – a soft-serve on the street – and dancing to a beautiful waltz on the sidewalk.  Such fun!  We have already started some artwork for the 20th anniversary celebration of Love From Above.  The ‘kids’ are ecstatic that people in America will see their art!

We had a little birthday celebration for Amalia.  She was so pleased.  And we had a special visitor, Alex Bulai, with us on August 30.  Alex is the brother of Corina and Alina – and worked with me for three years, several years ago.  He has always remained in love with the ‘kids’ at Barza – and they, with him.

We have had two more new babies at Albina – Maria and Marian.  Maria has Beckwith-Wiedmann syndrome and has been taken back to the hospital already.   Marian is 10 months old, and along with a four year-old and a nine-year old sibling was left by their mother on hospital steps.  He and his siblings are completely normal and will hopefully, be taken into a foster-home situation soon.

Our ‘Team-Bahnea’ – Ovi, Alina, Elisabeta, Alex (Elisabeta’s grandson) and Sara and I had a wonderful time of ministry in that village.  It was about 97 degrees, so our program was cut short, but we played a few outdoor games, did some singing, had our story about Jesus, handed out the beautiful hand-made dresses by my friends from NY – and finally each child left with a gift/toy and a sweet.  What an honor and privilege to be able to share the Good News of Jesus with these precious kids once again.  SO glad Ovi had air conditioning in his car for the three hour-trip, one way!

Had a wonderful afternoon sitting with my wind-beneath-my-wings, Ioana at an outdoor café in Ole Brasov.  And felt beyond privileged to receive a visit from Dan and Maria Hurrelbrink one afternoon.  Dan has been a mentor for me since I first arrived in Romania nineteen years ago.  I adore these people!

Thanks be to our amazing God for providing 150 new chairs for Canaan, our church in Halchiu – all through the gift of a single donor.  I give this person Proverbs 11.25!   Still no van for our church . . .   Please pray with me that the Lord will provide one in such a miraculous and wonderful way.  A van isn’t a ‘want’.  It’s a ‘need’ – a matter of souls who so badly want to come to church!

My 2001 VW Golf has gone the distance, literally.  I can’t be here to do what God has set me aside to do without a car.  PLEASE pray, again, for the provision of another one for Love From Above!

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“The righteous is gracious and gives.”  – Psalm 37:21b