September, 2023

September, 2023

– I feel so blessed to be our Jesus’ eyes and heart, hands and feet in this, the ‘other’ land that I love.  However, Romania seems to have been hurtled into very troubling times.  The government is gaining more control in every aspect of life, and it’s affecting Love From Above – everything from being able to receive money from the bank, to its taking 3 months to receive boxes shipped from MA (as opposed to 6 weeks, previously), and most disturbing of all, not being able to get validation papers to visit the orphanages.  This is a trying time for the ministry, and for me, personally.  You may be cognizant of some of what is happening in Romania from listening to the news.  I would just ask you to pray for the One Who is greater in me (us) to show His power, will, and might over the one in this world.

There IS good news.  My co-worker and I have (with caution) been able to visit our ‘kids’ regularly at the big orphanage.  Slava Domnului!!  (Praise God!!)  And, we are still in the restoration of old buildings and construction of new buildings at the big orphanage.  Also, as always, LFA is providing all the meds, food, clothing, and more.  THANK you to all of you who have a heart for these precious helpless and hopeless ones!  I don’t know what I would do without you!!

The director, ‘kids’ and workers gave me a spectacular surprise birthday party.  It was so unexpected that I became very overwhelmed.  I was fighting tears during much of the party.  They set off a couple of confetti ‘bombs’ – sang “La Multi Ani” over and over to me – AND ‘Happy Birthday’!  We danced around, hugged and kissed – AND had six (yes, six!) birthday tortes.  Oh, my!  They even gave me one to take home which I loved sharing with a neighbor.

The last week in August, we had a wonderful birthday party, too, for my precious Alex.  I have known him all 23 years!  He loved the party more than I can even tell you.  And, when I handed my gift to him before leaving the orphanage, he asked over and over it was for him – just him!  When I assured him it was, tears came to his eyes.  What a joy to love these ones who were never loved before LFA came along!!

Just loving it that Ovi and his family were able to get a respite and have a couple of weeks of holiday – part of the time in Spain! (and they drove there!!)  Please pray that the Lord will give him much wisdom – especially when it’s okay to know when to say ‘no’.

Because of YOU – we continue to support the needs in Ukraine with all the goods, foods, etc. that I have mentioned many times before.  Please pray for these precious souls.  Just because we might forget about the war in Ukraine doesn’t mean that anything has changed.  They are still being bombed daily, hiding in dark, dank basements, thousands and thousands just praying for a piece of bread to eat (I wish we could feed them all!) – and for water – to ever have electricity again – to see their loved ones – and to have someone come and share our Jesus with them.  Please pray for all, but especially for the precious ones we know – Oleg and Vasile and their families as they strive every single day to help those in such need and, for the young woman, Vica whom the Lord has chosen to minister to the children left homeless and parent-less in her area!

“By God’s grace we have been set apart from worldly pursuits of greatness.  We are called to serve others with the grace and love that God has entrusted to us.”    -from Philippians 2:4-8